Current Caribbean- New York Hip Hop Scene

Visit: or listen to Hot 97 Fm radio for the latest in the New York City Hip Hop scene

Example of the radio station featuring a Caribbean DJ, who enjoys mixing reggae.

Visit:, or listen to radio station 105.1 fm for NYC Hip Hop music

Visit:, specifically Caribbean music

Listen to WCCR640am- CCNY’s radio station to hear some up and coming Caribbean artists

DJ Killzz is of Caribbean origin. You can visit his Sound cloud page

Here is more of the Caribbean community at CCNY. This is last year’s carnival celebration. The music isn’t necessarily Hip Hop, but it has some similar elements. You see the crowd jumping and several guys standing, shouting and amping up the party. I imagine that was how Coke La Rock and DJ Kool Herc ran block parties. There is a sense of call and response somewhat present in Hip Hop music.


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