Museums and Cultural Centers

Small museums and cultural centers play a big role in helping to maintain Caribbean culture as well as bring the community together. These museums act on a smaller scale with a more specific focus on certain cultural groups, which allows the communities of these different ethnic groups to define their culture on a platform that is more accessible to everyone. Also, these smaller museums have people that work more closely with the topic and thus, can more respectfully and accurately display artwork from the Caribbean. These museums and cultural centers frequently hold events for the community such as family art days and these events are important in helping to maintain and educate the culture in the community.

Studio Museum in Harlem 


The Studio Museum in Harlem focuses on showing work from artists on African descent, as well as work that has been inspired/influenced by black culture. The Museum has workshop rooms as well as a theater in its basement that it uses to hold events for the community.

El Museo del Bario


Focuses on Latino, Caribbean, and Latin American cultures

Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI) 



Frequently holds events for community that vary from arts to literature to philosophy to help maintain culture in the African Diaspora.


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