Supporting the Diaspora

In the United States and especially in New York City, Caribbean-Americans have slowly been able to enter positions in the local government and at higher levels. This allows politicians to make governmental changes that help the diaspora. This gains them loyal voters in the immigrant community.


New York City Council Member, Mathieu Eugene

Mathieu Eugene

An example of a politician like this, would be Mathieu Eugene. He is the first Haitian-born American to be elected into a New York government position and represents district 40 in Brooklyn. Often times he acts in a way that benefits Haitians, Caribbean people, and immigrants in general. This is reflected through his budget plans.

These can be seen in his District Newsletter.


Mathieu Eugene District Newsletter

Highlighted on the front page is an initiative to help immigrants in several ways.

His budget set aside 7.1 million dollars to:

1. Improve English as a second language programs.

2. Attempt to increase immigrant financial empowerment.

3. Provide assistance to immigrants who experience problems with deportation and helping immigrants to achieve citizenship.


Other Caribbean-American Politicians (Second Generation):

Jumaane Williams, a New York City Council member of Grenadian decent; Rodneyse Bichotte, a New York City Assembly member of Haitian decent; and Yvette Clarke, a New York Congresswoman of Jamaican decent; all focus on immigration. Photos below are organized from left to right.


Each of their websites has a section on immigration which shows that they devote energy to providing aid and resources to immigrants.

Click here to view Jumaane Williams’ immigration webpage.

Click here to view Yvette Clarke’s immigration webpage.

by Nicolás Yehya

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