Caribbean Identity


Caribbean identity is related to how Caribbean immigrants maintain and express their cultural practices despite living hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from their homelands. Each culture has its own unique foods, philosophy, religious practices, perceptions of beauty and music. The Caribbean culture is no different. Maintaining Caribbean cultural practices abroad is significant so that second and third generations can identify with their roots. Sometimes these roots are even traced back to Africa, demonstrating the complexities that exist in the culture. It is imperative to continue transmitting the culture across generations so that people can know where they come from. Not transmitting culture to the future generations can lead to an identity crisis at one point. By transmitting culture, parents are basically providing their children a sense of belonging to a group. In the occasion that parents do not do a good job at transmitting their customs and traditions to their children, the children will feel isolated from both their family’s social group and their friends and peers’ social groups. This section of the website will explore the uniqueness of Caribbean identity through music, food, perceptions of beauty and religion. By learning about these topics, one can become more open-minded and tolerant of people who can be very different.


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