Atlantic Mall

Atlantic Mall was surprisingly a place for parents and their children. There is a store called motherhood in the mall that sells maternity product and there is a section inside Target in the mall that says maternity. Not only that, baby clothes and kids' clothes occupied half of a floor in Target. Parents also love to bring their kids to the mall to buy baby clothes, to buy snacks and to Chuck E. Cheese's. There is also a mcDonald in the mall where parents bring their kids to get happy meal. Following is a promotion video made by me to show things parents do with their kids in the mall.

During school days, students from a nearby school will come to hang out afterschool. They buy burgers and fries from McDonald and just sit down near the window of the second floor to talk about the recent gossip in school or just hang out. There are people who bring their friends from out of town to eat in nearby restaurants as well.


For parents who want to spend time with their kids or people who love to shop or students who just want to hang out, Atlantic Center Mall is a comfortable place for them to do what they love to do.