Parkside Ave.

Parkside Avenue Photo Diary

Parkside Avenue is a stop on the Q located between Prospect Park and Church Avenue:


Upon exiting the train, i couldnt help but notice the extensive mosaics on the station walls:


I exited on the Ocean Ave. side of the station and enjoyed a snow cone in the park:


I was amazed at the stunning architectural design of the Prospect Park southern gates:


Once inside the park, I found the perfect spot to sit down and enjoy the spring breeze:


Right outside of the southern gates, you can find a standing triangle of urban-street art:


I took a look around the area and a few local shops caught my eye. The 99 Cent store is a local grocery store with your every need. “From Sponge Bob Square Pants dolls to paper towels, the 99 Cent store is your one-stop shopping location:
Pioneer Supermarket is located right across the street from the 99 Cent store with a higher end line assortment of products:
After a nice day in the park and local shops, I was ready to get back onto the Q: