More on Chinatown's development from Peter Kwong

 Last year, Peter Kwong (the author of today's readings) answered reader questions in the New York Times online. I'm posting this link because it helps us understand how the processes he described have shifted since he published his book (1987). For example, he notes that competition from China has almost killed the garment industry in Chinatown. He also discusses the continued gentrification of the area and his belief that Chinatown will eventually cease to exist.

Introduction to our class website

With Ke's permission, I cut and pasted part of the analytical paper she wrote (about the Wong and Orelick articles) and added some detail of my own to create an introduction to our website for outsiders trying to understand the way we've connected these two neighborhoods and the Q Train. Please feel free to make suggestions, changes, etc.:

To Differentiate

  This week’s readings were particularly interesting because they focused on the immigrant groups that were not Black but were also not American enough either. The Italians, Irish, Jews, and Puerto Ricans—just like all immigrants to this country—strove to be accepted by Americans. This term American is also intriguing because from this week’s readings as well as past readings, it seems as if “American” is often considered to be synonymous with “whiteness”. 

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