Saint Petersberg Bookstore

The Saint Petersburg Bookstore is a wholesale and retail merchandise store that provides the most current books, CDs, tapes and videos to the public of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.  As more than a bookstore, the Saint Petersburg Trade and Publishing House is the largest Russian bookstore outside of Russia.  The merchandise arrives weekly, and is used to stock the shelves of the Saint Petersburg bookstore as well as many other stores in neighboring states. 

At this heavily stocked store, the shoppers can find Russian classics as well as modern literature. T-shirts and souvenirs can also be purchased here along with music, videos and children’s books.  The Saint Petersburg bookstore prides itself on being just like the book stores in Russia, offering the Russian community of Brighton Beach a homeland experience every time they walk through the doors.

The store also holds charity events featuring Russian music stars and other popular attractions.  Check out their website,, for more information about the events.  The website also offers merchandise for sale and information about their current inventory.  Stop by the Saint Petersburg bookstore for an experience that you will not get at any other bookstore.  Hospitality and quality products make this store one of our favorites on the “Must See Stops” list.