West 8th Street





Photo Walking Tour of West 8th Street

We have just arrived at West 8 Street and gotten off the Q train.

We made our way to the exit: West 8 St & Surf Ave.

We have just gotten outside and can already see the New York Aquarium, the main attraction at this stop.

As we made our way towards the water, we passed by a familiar ride: the Cyclone, a historic roller coaster in Coney Island.


We finally reached the boardwalk.

The entrance of the New York Aquarium is on the boardwalk.

As we walked by the ocean, we passed by this beautiful artwork -- Toshio Sasaki's "The First Symphony of the Sea."

Though not as 3-Dimensional or professional as the previous artwork, this mural definitely captured the aquatic atmosphere here.

And so this concludes our stay at West 8th Street.