Brighton Beach Must See Stops

"Little Odessa" is what most Russians call Brighton Beach, the fourth to last stop of the Q train line. "Little Odessa" is nicknamed after a city in Ukraine and most Russian immigrate to Brighton Beach because the ocean reminds them of home. This community is overflowing with Russian culture and there is much more to this neighborhood than the beach. We created this must see stop to allow you, as visitors of our website, to discover and understand this Russian community. Rather than just riding the Q train all the way down to Brooklyn to visit a beach, come and see some of these sights. So, jump into a whole new world called Brighton Beach by clicking some of our must see stops below.


                                                                      Brighton Beach Library

                                                                        M & I International

                                                                        Millennium Theatre

                                                                  Oceana Condominium & Club

                                                                          Saint Petersburg

                                                                             Shore Front

                                                                         Tatiana Resturant