Avenue J

Upon getting off the Q on Avenue J, we could already smell the sensational aroma of pizza with a hint of bakery cupcakes. We walked about five blocks total on J and could count one pizza store on each of the five blocks, not to mention the bakeries, candy stores, and ice cream trucks.


To the immediate west of the Q, we spotted four education centers.

The Yeshiva of Flatbush High School, home of Brooklyn’s largest and most extensive Jewish libraries, is located on Avenue J and East 16th. The school educates an estimated thousand students a year in extensive Judaic and secular studies. A student’s average school day begins with seven AM prayers and concludes with a five-thirty PM dismissal bell. Rabbi Tully Besser, Dean of Students at the high school, stated, “The bell may ring at five-thirty but the day for most students is just getting started. Students take about eleven classes a day and have homework in each class. Not to mention the loads of extra curricular activities we provide.”

We looked across the street and spotted another school, this time the Liberal Arts branch of Touro College. After further research we learned that this college is actually much like a Yeshiva. For every secular course they offer, there is over two Judaic courses. This undergraduate college offers most of its courses at night.

Right down the block from Touro you can find one of many Brooklyn Public Libraries. To match the demand of its environment, it contains both English and Hebrew books.

Just a few blocks south you can find the Edward R. Murrow High School, home of thousands of students. This public school is one of the most famous in Brooklyn and offers a wide range of extra curricular activities and academic programs. Their football team is one of their many prides.

Avenue J is also incredibly family friendly. Located on East 18th and Avenue K, just three blocks from the J station, is a blacktop park. The park contains multiple basketball courts, swing sets, and when in the summer, sprinklers.

We were then ready to return home.