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Hi, my name is Jonathan. I live in Bayside, Queens. I go to Baruch College, and I'm planning to major in BioChem, as opposed to business. I'm half Chinese and half Taiwanese. My father came from Taipei, Taiwan. My mother came from a town near Shanghai called Ning Bo. I've never gone to Brighton Beach before, so this project allowed me to learn more about New York City. I felt quite like a tourist in Brighton Beach.


Avenue J

Upon getting off the Q on Avenue J, we could already smell the sensational aroma of pizza with a hint of bakery cupcakes. We walked about five blocks total on J and could count one pizza store on each of the five blocks, not to mention the bakeries, candy stores, and ice cream trucks.

The Harlem Ghetto

In The Harlem Ghetto, the author, James Baldwin shows how not only did African Americans live in the worse conditions while also being charged the most they prevented their own upward mobility by trying to be accepted by the white race. By assimilating to White America the African Americans within New York could only conform to the stereotypical views of them. Also during that time white people did very little to help Harlem over all, instead they focused more on trying to please the Harlem community with a few new parks and schools.


I've been to Chinatown before, so I am expecting the loud and bustling Chinatown I am always use to. But I have never gone to Brighton Beach, and for some reason when I think Brighton Beach I think of a combination of Coney Island and Miami Beach. In other words I am picturing a boardwalk with a giant clean and empty beach. I also keep picturing that all of Brighton Beach is along the boardwalk. Like something you see in movies, where all the stores are lined up on the boardwalk around the beach.

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