Ave H

             Before we got off at the Avenue H train station, we expected a lot of commercial stores and busy people in the street. It was totally the opposite of what we thought it would be like. There was barely anyone walking in the street, but few people hanging around the stores. However, walking few blocks away from the station was Brooklyn College, probably the only thing there was to look at. In addition, it seemed that the majority of people in the neighborhood were black and Hispanic. Below are some of the pictures we took from the neighborhood around the Avenue H train station.


Here is the grand entrance/exit to the Avenue H train station on the Q train line. Not too shabby if I say so myself, and definitely not your typical looking train station.


A picture of Capital H, a multi-service center. This is one of the few shops within range of the train station and we thought it was a pretty amusing name. Capital H for Avenue H.

A continuation of the lone block of commercialized area. Observe the basic convenience stores such as laundromats, Chinese take-out restaurants, and a Deli. Typical staples found in many New York City areas.

P&L Laundry is actually where we went to interview the owner, who happened to own the laundromat for over ten years. She was able to tell us more about the neighborhood of Avenue H. The video clip of her shows more of what was said in the interview.

Not far from the train station and the block of convenience stores, we come across these long blocks of houses and driveways. We noticed that there wasn't much urban life in these parts of the neighborhood and that the majority of Avenue H consists of blocks like these.

An apartment building style home. Not a very common structure that we see along our walk in Avenue H. The building does not seem to be built recently, but looks rather dated.

As we walked further down, what do we see up ahead? None other than, Cuny's very own, Brooklyn College! Unfortunately, we were not able to go inside and interview students or faculty about the neighborhood but we made it as far as the security guard!