Newkirk Ave

            Walking around the neighborhood, observing the stores, what was sold, what kind of people walked around, we noticed that it was a very culturally diverse stop. There was a Caribbean restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Bangladesh snack shop, Indian Restaurant, and many others. It’s really interesting because in that Bangladesh shop, you would assume that the owner would sell goods from his native country, but after asking him, we learned the imports were from Turkey! We expected the neighborhood to be an enclave of just a few ethnicities, but within walking two blocks we saw people of every race.
            This stop is definitely more of a local neighborhood and not a touristy place. The stores are restaurants, laundromats, grocery stores, delis, a 99cent store; there aren’t really any clothing stores that would perhaps lure crowds of people there. We came to a conclusion that it a very family oriented neighborhood. It’s rather quiet, walking through the rows of houses, we saw a family of four playing badminton in their front yard. At the local elementary just a few blocks away, the sky was already dark and yet the park was filled with the voices of kids playing as their families sat on the benches watching them and talking to the other parents. At a time where most parents are out working, in this neighborhood parents are spending time with their kids. It says a lot about the family values here.