Tatiana Restaurant


Sitting right on the boardwalk, overlooking the beautiful beach, Tatiana Restaurant has so much to offer.  Brighton Beach houses this little piece Odessa and offers the community a great night out as well as delicious Eastern European food.  The large eatery is elaborately decorated and the walls are lined with photographs of the restaurant’s staff and owners posing with the world's most famous people including Bill and Hillary Clinton and many more.  The restaurant has a large menu filled with Russian delicacies. 

Feel free to take a seat and eat at one of the outside tables to enjoy the beach or wait to be seated inside the restaurant to enjoy the intricate décor.  Tatiana is great for a quick lunch, a long night out, or a big party to celebrate your family’s next big event.  The fully stocked bar makes for a great party, so go ahead and experience Odessa right here in Brighton Beach!