DeKalb Avenue



Fort Greene Park is a place where different events in the neighborhood happens. The day we were there, there was an Egg Hunt set up by Parents around the Hill forum and sponsored by Fort Greene Park Conservancy. Parents from all over Brooklyn brought their kids to this event that was made possible by different volunteering institutions such as Republic Worldwide, drop-off aids, and donations from local businesses. On the same day, there was a farmer's market on the bottom of the park. Fresh fruits, eggs, meat, and vegetables attracted many customers from inside the neighborhood and outside the area. Events such as ranger tours and historical tours were given  by Urban Park Ranger Children Programs during spring as well.

Fort Greene Park also attracted people who loves to exercise as we saw on the day we were there. One of them told us that the reason many people come here is that Fort Greene Park is an elevated park that is not as crowded as other parks. These people come in clothes comfortable for exercise and bring their water with them to the park. They usually eat in a local restaurant after the exercise or buy lunch from the farmer's market. 

Fort Greene Park is a great place for people who love outdoor events and exercising.

Photo Walking Tour of DeKalb Avenue

First, we arrived at the stop and got out of the Q train.

We walked up the steps and noticed some colorful artwork -- a collage of sorts.

Departing from the train station, we began our trek along DeKalb Avenue.

We passed by the Brooklyn Hospital Center...

and Brooklyn Technical High School.

We noticed a park nearby and decided to go into it.

Needless to say, the park was HUGE. We passed by joggers, dogs, people setting up an Easter egg hunt, people doing exercises in the park...

and this monument.

There was even a Fort Greene Park Visitors Center.

As we left the park, there was even a farmer's market taking place!

And so that concludes our stay at DeKalb Avenue.