7th Ave


Right after getting out of the train station we could see that the neighborhood around the 7th Ave. stop on the Q train was a very busy neighborhood. We had no trouble finding people to interview on the street. The sense that we got from interviewing many pedestrians was that 7th Ave. is a very family friendly place, with a lot of great foods, and is slowly turning into an artsy neighborhood.


The first thing that caught our eyes was DNY Natural Land, a small all natural and organic supermarket.


Right when we enter we can see rows upon rows of fruits, ranging from your every day apples and oranges, to some more exotic fruits such as pineapples and blood oranges. It amazed us to see that not one produce was non-organic. The people of the store were very welcoming and did not mind us taking pictures and interviewing them.

We were able to interview a cashier named Patricia. She told us that most of the people who shop in the store were around 30 and above, but sometimes a few children show up. The store has been opened for around 15 years but only recently it has become all-organic. She said that the neighborhood was a very safe place with very friendly people.

After walking back out onto the street we could see that the neighborhood was filled with organic food stores. It seemed that the people in this neighborhood liked to live healthy.

And of course, staying fit in a nonjudgmental gym is also important!

Even the local pharmacy is promoting healthy lifestyles with monthly health fairs.


The people of this neighborhood were incredibly friendly and helpful. As we walked around not knowing which restaurants were popular, a friendly pharmacy manager suggested that we try Burrito Bar. As we entered, the staff was very friendly and the service was excellent. And as we could have guessed in advance, the food there was very healthy.



Overall, the neighborhood of 7th Ave. is very lively and commercial. There are various venues which pertain to one's personal health and fitness, as well as interests. As we saw, the area was rather metropolitan and some of the restaurants were also brightly decorated and stood out such as the Burrito Bar. The people of the neighborhood are also very friendly and helpful, and more than willing to give outsiders recommendations to good restaurants or other assistance they are capable of providing.