Q train stop

Avenue J

Upon getting off the Q on Avenue J, we could already smell the sensational aroma of pizza with a hint of bakery cupcakes. We walked about five blocks total on J and could count one pizza store on each of the five blocks, not to mention the bakeries, candy stores, and ice cream trucks.

About the Q Train Project

Our collaborative website project features the two communities of Chinatown in Manhattan and Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, as well as the Q train subway that connects the two. At first glance, it seems as if Chinatown and Brighton Beach could not be any more different. A stretch of ocean separates the two areas, with Chinatown at the southern tip of Manhattan and Brighton Beach at the bottom of Brooklyn. Chinatown is a tourist destination for those visiting New York City for the first time.

Ave H

             Before we got off at the Avenue H train station, we expected a lot of commercial stores and busy people in the street. It was totally the opposite of what we thought it would be like. There was barely anyone walking in the street, but few people hanging around the stores. However, walking few blocks away from the station was Brooklyn College, probably the only thing there was to look at. In addition, it seemed that the majority of people in the neighborhood were black and Hispanic.

Newkirk Ave

            Walking around the neighborhood, observing the stores, what was sold, what kind of people walked around, we noticed that it was a very culturally diverse stop. There was a Caribbean restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Bangladesh snack shop, Indian Restaurant, and many others. It’s really interesting because in that Bangladesh shop, you would assume that the owner would sell goods from his native country, but after asking him, we learned the imports were from Turkey!

Ocean Parkway



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