Avenue U

The first noticeable aspect of Avenue U is the construction of the uptown subway station. Josh, a construction worker on the site, explained that the construction will last for 3 more years because they are rebuilding all of the platforms for the Avenue U and Neck road stops.
While walking on Avenue U, we noticed many small private shops and many outdoor grocery stores. Most of these stores are Asian, but every now and then a Russian store will catch your eye. In this respect, Avenue U is an amalgamation of Chinatown and Brighton Beach.
The stores were only on Avenue U itself. The cross streets are mostly residential.
Nicolas, a local, explained that there are many different ethnic groups in the area including Greeks, Asians, Jews, and Russians. He added that everyone gets along well. He also mentioned that for the Chinese New Year there is a big celebration in the streets with a huge Chinese dragon. The Asian culture is very celebrated in this area.
Jonny, a local, said that the area is dirty and run down. He added that there is not much for tourists to do here, and if tourists really want to see something, they should go to the city. One couple that we spoke to said that the best restaurant could only be found by going to Coney Island.
Avenue U itself is a great place for locals to get their weekly groceries and run errands, but if you are looking for some fun or a night out, we suggest that you keep riding the train for a few more stops.