The Beach


Brighton Beach is a place with a lot to offer but most people know the community for one thing- the beach! The water, although probably not the cleanest place to swim, glistens as the sun hits its surface.  The sand is filled with locals and visitors as the summer months roll around.  The boardwalk is packed with children running about, adults out for a nice walk, people going for a run, and elder’s enjoying the beautiful view and nice breeze. 

As you walk further down the boardwalk, you can smell the carnival food and see the Ferris wheel that marks Coney Island.  The boardwalk hosts a number of events every year and allows the community to come together with each other and with outsiders coming for a visit. 

Along the boardwalk, visitors can find shops and restaurants to stop at for either a quick bite to eat, or a culture filled shopping experience.  No matter what time of year it is, Brighton Beach has a lot to offer.  So come to get a sun tan, a Russian meal, or some exercise at the beach.