Oceana Condominium and Club

Oceana Condominium and Club created by Muss Development is located at Brighton Beach Avenue. It's a series of luxury oceanfront condos creating a miniature private community for the rich. Russian immigrants moved to Brighton because it reminds them of home. However, many second and third generation children of these immigrants have started to move out of this community. The creation of this condominium and club has enticed many who moved out of Brighton Beach to consider returning because of these luxury residences that accommodate their needs. There are a total of 15 buildings adding up to 865 apartments on 15 acres. Within each of there condominiums are fitness centers, indoor pools, steam rooms, a card room, outdoor pools, hot tubs, kiddy pools, and over 1 acre of outdoor recreational areas. Because of all these luxury items, the prices of the condos are extremely expensive and provide a complete contrast to what prices were when Russian immigrants first moved to Brighton Beach in the 1970s. The main goal of the builders is definitely not to convince poor Russian immigrants to move to Brighton Beach but rather the more well-off second and third generation of Russians in New York City.