Q train stop

Kings Highway

Arriving at Kings Highway, we expected to see a quiet residential area. Instead, we heard the loud sounds of shopping bags, bargaining, and cash registers.

People from all across Brooklyn and other parts of the city come to Kings Highway for its commercial appeal.

Our interview with Cara and Laura, two local girls who have lived in the area their entire lives, said that the only activities in the area are eating at the many restaurants or going shoe shopping.

Beverley Road

The neighborhood of Beverley road is one of the oldest populated areas in all of Brooklyn. The original train station was constructed in 1907 along the BMT line. In the early nineteenth century the area was populated by a combination of Italian and Polish immigrants, as evidence points to Roman Catholic churches in the neighborhood.  The area retains its Catholic churches, however most of the patrons now are of West Indian decent. The neighborhood itself is primarily residential, but has a commercial distract running adjacent to Flatbush Avenue.

Sheepshead Bay

 For our project, we focused on the Sheepshead Bay community. We invite you to watch our video to preview all the great history and places of interest Sheepshead Bay has to offer. Furthermore, we also invite you to make the trip down to Sheepshead Bay and experience the rich neighborhood firsthand.

Cortelyou Road

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