Discrimination will never go away.

While I was reading the part where it talks about how Northern Italians tried to distinguish themselves from Southern Italians, I couldn’t help but think about how I was just like Northern Italians. Discrimination based on race is still an ongoing issue, but it is slowly fading away; however, I believe that discrimination based on what school people go to or went to still exists strongly. For example, let’s say, you are looking for a boy friend or a girl friend. On an online chatting website, you talked to two different persons. One goes to Ivy-league school and the other goes to Community College; and, everything else is the same. Who would you want to meet first? I’m confident that most will say the first one that goes to Ivy-league school. In most cases, it is true that people look at you differently based on what school you go to. In addition, companies tend to hire people graduated from prestigious schools over those who graduated from just small colleges, like CUNY, although both groups have about the same qualifications. Why? Because majority of people would think that those from small colleges are just not smart enough.
As this kind of discrimination does exist, I always emphasize the fact that I am a Macaulay Honors Student, not a regular CUNY student. Whenever I introduce myself to others, I try to distinguish myself from regular CUNY students, just like Northern Italians did in the past. And, I know I am not the only one that does it. One reason why many Macaulay Students, including myself, do this is because people, for example friends or interviewers, will look at you differently based on what school you say you go to, which is discrimination. In my opinion, there will forever be some sorts of discrimination in human society until robots and machines take over our world.