Integration of the people in the United States.

I once read an article about a CIA report on about how increasing number of immigrants, growing ethnic diversity, and whites no longer being a majority in the United States in the near future might possibly endanger the national security of the States. While I was reading “Race and Community in Postwar Brooklyn: The Brownsville Neighborhood Council and the Politics of Urban Renewal,” by Wendell E., I was able to see why there was such a CIA report about the national security issues associated with growing ethnic diversity in the States. The writing suggests that the integration of just two racial groups, whites and blacks, in just one neighborhood, Brownsville, wasn’t completely successful. Then, it possibly means that the harmonious integration of all the ethnic groups within the United States as one community would be nearly impossible, especially when there no longer will be any majority racial or ethnic group in the States.
It is very scary to think that the United States might possibly fall apart because of a failure in integration of different ethnic groups and a failure in uprooting discrimination that exists among various racial/ethnic groups. I think the government should start educating the importance of accepting and integrating with other ethnic groups and cultures to the citizens of the United States; as a way to accomplish this mission, I believe that the government should make it mandatory for all students in the States to have or attend activities that acknowledge the importance of integration at least once a month.