Shopping Locations


Chinatown Arcade - 14-18 Elizabeth St

Chinatown Arcade has nothing to do with a video game arcade. Instead, it is a hallway of Chinese or Malaysian restaurants with a pharmacy, a Chinese medicine store and an old clothing stand. The food there is not extremely tasty but it’s known to be a mix of Asian and American food. Some tourists do go there to eat since it’s very close to Mott Street, but the clothing stand, Chinese medicine store and the pharmacy have no tourist customers.


Little Chinatown - 245 Canal St

Little Chinatown is not a representation of the real Chinatown. Instead, it is a hallway with little stores that sell cheap jewelry, jade decorations, cheap bags, perfume, sunglasses, and Qipao (Chinese traditional dress). It is solely opened for tourists since it is right on Canal Street and sell stuff that the tourists would buy. 


Elizabeth Center - 13 Elizabeth St

Elizabeth Center is a set of little shops on the basement level of the Elizabeth Street building. These shops sell cute things that are really popular among the Chinese and tourists. These shops are more popular among the younger generation. These shops sell a variety of little trinkets: from cartoon character pillows to beautiful phone charms to cheap pretty jewelry. Those who are into Japanese J-pop culture are regular customers as well.


East Broadway Mall - 88 E Broadway

East Broadway Mall is a very popular area among Fuzhounese Americans. Almost all of the storeowners speak Fuzhounese. The mall consists of a restaurant on the top floor and a small food place in the basement. Stores such as sweet stores, store selling Hello Kitty items, salons, and jewelry stores are in the mall; there are even two psychic stands on the basement for Fuzhounese Americans. It is very common for people to see new immigrants from Fuzhou being brought to the restaurant on the top floor by relatives for reunion meetings.


Hong Kong Supermarket - 157 Hester St (between Elizabeth St & Bowery)

Hong Kong Supermarket is a huge supermarket that sells groceries from fish to frozen meat to sweets. Most of the packaged foods are imported from China while the fish are killed in the store. Hong Kong supermarket sells Chinese foods such as MSG and snacks from China that are not sold anywhere else. Many Chinese people buy their snacks and food in this supermarket.